Below there is an image of a modern transitional Tibetan carpet composed of silk and wool. It is of Art Deco design. The modern Tibetan rug is a hand-knotted carpet which had wine spilled over it; it called for our conservation experts to successfully remove the wine stain, simultaneously abstaining from causing any degree of damage to the texture and quality of the silk and wool fibers of the carpet. Our engagement on this assignment was extremely successful and serves as a noteworthy case study exemplifying our attention to the specific needs of our differentiated customers. It is a testament to our ability to effectively complete sophisticated and delicate projects under pressure within an allotted time frame.

before and after wine spill

To preserve the integrity and value of your antique Persian or European carpets, rugs, tapestries, and textiles, we posit it is essential to engage a professional, such as Richard Afkari Carpets & Rugs in NYC and CT. Throughout the past four decades, Richard Afkari has maintained a renowned reputation across the antique carpet business; the cleaning services dominion has not been any exception. Recognized as one of the most reputable pioneers among the echelon of modern and custom carpet, textile, and rug cleaning service providers in NYC and across the tri-state area, our restoration experts provide both hard cleaning as well as handwash, soapwash, and impeccable permanent stain removal cleaning services.

Richard Afkari is well equipped with idiosyncratic knowledge and generational experience to safely and thoroughly clean valuable antique Persian and European textiles, carpets, and rugs. Our professional Persian and European carpet, textile, and custom rug cleaning service delivers a level of unparalleled attention and customer care that has established us as a vendor of choice for domestic and international collectors, private and public museums, and the most discerning clients. We have been constantly appointed for extraordinarily complex conservation engagements concerning early textiles and handmade antique or custom Persian and European carpets and rugs.

Our thesis of unparalleled customer attention is exemplified in our patient approach to carefully maintain the natural fibers and carpet structure when providing services, which has proven indispensable to our customers; it is only apropos our sophisticated cleaners have been trained for decades to properly and carefully cleanse rugs and textiles of all natural fibers, including cotton, wool, and silk. Our respectable and excellent track record of reinvigorating valuable Persian and European textiles, rugs, and carpets containing delicate natural fibers and sensitive colors speaks for itself.

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