Case Study #1
A valued client’s interior designer engaged us to assist with a rigorous project geared toward creating an imaginative rug designed to suit a living room floor of a newly acquired residence overlooking a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean. The creative proposals we drafted were in accordance with the consensus derived from brainstorming via dual collaboration; our committee was led to believe a handmade carpet containing contemporary textures and qualities will, in fact, suit the residence. A timeline was sketched and detailed. The carpet’s proposed shape was neither square nor rectangular, but wavy, and in hindsight we posit the significance of this attribute is the idiosyncratic reason we want to share with you the contents of this particular engagement; It is quite atypical for any hand knotted carpet to take a shape other than a square, circle, oval, or rectangle.The process required weeks to determine an apropos texture and the subsequent degree to which silk was needed. Albeit the final result featured a color palette composed of over 140 various dyes, the boundless plethora of color combinations for the large part contained shades of blue, ivory, and silver.With the help of designers to illustrate the carpet’s sketch on paper, and once equipped with the completed design, the undertaking’s second major hurdle was to create a custom designed, differentiated handmade loom capable of accommodating a rug of this magnitude – a tremendous 50 feet in length.

Through keenly implementing the wise council offered by specialty weavers and designers and frequently visiting the project site to keep our finger on the pulse of the loom, we achieved monumental success creating a half-ton masterpiece. We are proud to not only offer, but exceed satisfactory service. We’re also delighted to achieve our goals within the initial time frame and witness this manifestation propagate via the unanimity shared among our client and designer. We placed the custom carpet onto our client’s floor and were jubilant to introduce such a tantalizing carpet with an equally captivating view.

Case Study #2
One of our client’s renowned interior designers covenanted us to foster a demanding project concerning generating a carpet to suit a residence in Florida. Indicative of the surrounding furniture in the home, the rug was required to fit both a contemporary and classical setting. Both carpets were required to be of immense magnitude: two square, palace-sized modern flat weave carpets measuring approximately fifty feet in length each. After drafting several creative proposals, we concluded our client did not want to commission an everyday modern carpet. In order to create the distinctive style in accordance with the consensus derived from our correspondence, we posited a carpet without a pile was central to the desired texture and appearance; a flat weave composed of a simple design, trellis, but involving additional movement would imply the perfect opus.

We employed a combination of English New Zealand wool and used all natural local dyes from Agra, India. The paramount aspect of our endeavor concerned the loom in Egypt required to create the carpet. The wool garnered from New Zealand was washed, tufted, and dyed before being shipped from Agra to our colossus loom in Egypt.

We forged a total of two similarly designed carpets containing different textures; after returning to our client and designer with a boundless plethora of strike-off samples, the consensus accorded a square, palace-sized carpet would be apropos. Via keen implementation of council offered by specialty weavers and designers and frequent visits to Egypt to keep our finger on the pulse of the loom, we achieved tremendous success. We placed the custom carpet onto our client’s floor and were pleased to exceed expectations within the initially proposed time frame.

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