Richard Afkari, a well recognized, renowned, and professional expert and designer among the provinces of antique Persian and European carpets, has been endowed for the past 35 years with an extensive collection containing classic, custom, and modern rugs from major weaving agglomerations of the world. Emanating from three generations of experience, he specializes in antique, semi-antique, flat weave, and fine contemporary handmade carpets and tapestries.

Located at 233 East 59th Street in NYC and expanding across the tri-state area into Norwalk and Westport, Connecticut, Richard Afkari continues to lead the forefront of innovation across the industry and has consistently created new designs in a boundless plethora of textures. He utilizes wool, silk, bamboo silk, linen, aloe, sunpat, and hemp among other renewable fibers with an apropos environment-friendly cause for an increasingly sustainable planet.

All modern carpets are woven with the highest quality hand-carded, hand spun wool, silk, and cotton. With interminable experience catering to interior designers, private collectors, connoisseurs, and high end private and public museums, each fabrication may be tailored to meet the needs of simple or sophisticated interiors and lifestyles. Please visit our new galleries to discover how to create and commission your own work of art.

The images featured on our web pages do not exhaust the selections available among our prodigious inventory. Albeit the majority of our clients wish to remain anonymous and we subsequently reserve the utmost level of customer confidentiality, we provide integrous references upon request.

Richard Afkari has a long proven track record of dealing with the most historic and valuable rugs.
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