Restoration and Conservation

The focal point of the restoration process seeks to return and revive a rug to its original condition. The areas of a carpet most vulnerable and susceptible to wear and tear are its sides and ends; We posit it is apropos to closely inspect such regions on an annual basis to increase the probability of detecting damage. Loose fringes are likely to deteriorate further into the pile and significantly decrease the value of your treasured heirloom. Albeit virtually anyone is capable of detecting an area where work may be required, a carpet requiring restoration should be entrusted to a professional conservationist. There exists a boundless plethora of reasons a rug will sustain damage, but a few common ones include:

  • Exposure to moisture
  • Exposure to light
  • Exposure to heat
  • Insect or microbial infestation
  • Chemical changes
  • Incorrect display or storage

We are also experienced in repairing pieces that have lost their shape due to flooding or burnt embers escaping the perimeter of a fireplace. Our idiosyncratic restoration approach renders the repairs invisible to the naked eye. Equipped with over thirty years of experience in restoring museum quality and high-end handmade carpets, we are capable of restoring virtually any rug to its former glory. Our creative and skilled expertise ensures that all colors, age, patterns, and textures associated with your carpet are reimposed in accordance with its original style. If you contact us with your repair requirements, we will be delighted to assess the damages with a complementary quote.

Restoration Process


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