Antique Spanish Savonnerie Carpet

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Spanish carpets, first manufactured during the 10th century, were strongly influenced by Islamic patterns due to the Moorish rule from the 8th through the 12th centuries. Muslim motifs could be found in combination with Christian symbols; however, by the 15th century, Spanish weavers were influenced by the Turks and, ultimately by styles derived from the French workshops of Savonnerie and Aubusson in the 18th and 19th centuries.

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Design: Antique Spanish Savonnerie Carpet
Style: Antique European
Origin: Spain
Material: 100% wool
Colors: Green, Blue
Size: 8'1" X 10'1”
Rug Number:

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Antique Spanish Savonnerie carpets are highly desirable and coveted by collectors worldwide. These very distinctive rugs feature some of the most unique ornamentation, offering a plethora of home decorating aesthetics. With their multicultural lineage, much of the combined artistic influence is reflected in their designs and patterns. Some of these classical carpets feature a European style of laurel vine scroll, ribbon, and floral motifs, while others imitate the designs of the antique Ottoman rugs, with central roundels or medallions, architectural leaf motifs, and harps.

Spanish rugs have a weave like no other, the hand knotted wool being truly knotted, not looped, as more commonly seen, and the fabric being staggered, rather than the superimposed rows. Spanish weavers produced these carpets with beautiful coloration. These carpets are famous for their soft palettes, with dominant ivory grounds and pastel greens and yellows.

The Neoclassical Spanish carpet is some of the most masterful tapestry ever produced. Perfect for interior design styles like Industrial. Victorian, Vintage, Ethno, Bohemian, Art Deco, Arts & Crafts, Biedermeier, Jugendstil and Hollywood Regency, you are sure to find a Spanish carpet that will blend with your decor, and elevate your living space.