Anatolian Oushak Design

Anatolian Oushak Design

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Originally woven by Turkish nomads, Oushak Carpets feature a loosely knotted weave structure, as opposed to the more tightly woven City made Persian rugs.

Oushak carpets (pronounced oou-shack) date back to the early 15th century, the style is as beautiful as ever.

You can see the weave structure in this example of the Anatolian Oushak Custom Carpet Collection. Known for their grander and large-scale designs, Oushak Carpets are a favorite among the interior designers and decorators. with their airy and open motifs, they are the great choice for any interior. Their casual, nomadic construction influenced by their pattern as well as a combination of geometric and floral palmettes Oushak carpets are known for their more grand-scale designs. The classical and traditional motifs are bound to last forever in the design community.

Design: Anatolian Oushak Design
Modern Custom Oushak Carpet
Origin: Oushak
100% wool foundation and wool pile
Gray, Pink, Ivory, Taupe, Blue, Charcoal
11'9" x 9'
Rug Number:
Available in custom size in 250 color combinations

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Modern/Vintage Turkish carpets are among the most sought after of all the Oriental rugs on the market, today. A major component of the carpet weaving traditions in the Middle East, master weavers of Turkish rugs introduced the knotted pile carpet to the world. The largest and oldest collections of early Oriental rugs originate from Turkey.

Visually appealing, artistic, and complex, Turkish carpets can be found in many different styles and sizes. From the Bergama rugs, with their tribal-influenced designs, to the Hereke rugs, which feature an elegant curve-linear pattern, and the Turkish Kilm rugs, which are flat-woven decorative textiles featuring geometric, rich and contrasting color palettes, you are sure to find the style that will fight right in with your designs and taste. From the dining room to the living room, these beautiful, handwoven decorative rugs set the tone of your living space.These Vintage and Modern Turkish carpets also find huge popularity among Interior Decorators, since these rugs boast large scale design patterns that are set against softer colors, blending seamlessly with your decor, and helping you achieve a balanced design within your interior space.