Herati Axminster Design Wool Carpet

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Axminster carpets were first produced in the mid-1700s in the town of Axminster in England, and became famous for their method of weaving. Axminster rugs have furnished the castles of royalty as well as the urban and country homes of the wealthy internationally. Some of the world's most famous carpets were made in Axminster. Despite such success and recognition, production of Axminster carpets has been inconsistent due to fires, economic depression, and other global events. Today they are highly prized for their color, quality, and weaving style.

We are always happy to collaborate with you on a custom carpet that meets all your specifications...and your wildest dreams! Of course, it will be woven on our very own looms with the best materials under the supervision of our experts.

Design: Herati Axminster Design Wool Carpet
Style: Antique European Axminster wool Carpet
Origin: European
Material: 100% Wool
Colors: Ivory, Pink, Mocha
Size: 10'10" X 14'8"
Rug Number: 70003261