Herati Design Carpet

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Farahan Sarouk is the designation of some of the finest rugs produced in the city of Sarouk -- about 25 miles north of Arak (previously known as Sultanabad) -- in Persia/Iran in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The patterns of these rugs offer endless elegant patterns with the Herati motif. The Herati motif consists of a flower placed within a rhombus, surrounded by four acanthus leaves. Farahan Sarouk rugs have a central medallion motif. The weaving is fine: that is, thicker, tighter, and more detailed, allowing for a greater definition of the pattern.

We are always happy to collaborate with you on a custom carpet that meets all your specifications...and your wildest dreams! Of course, it will be woven on our very own looms with the best materials under the supervision of our experts.

Design: Herati Design Carpet
Style: Modern Silk and Wool Herati Design Carpet
Origin: India
Material: Silk and Wool
Colors: Navy, Peach, Ivory, brown, Coral
Size: 9'10" X 13'1"
Rug Number: