Hunting Design Wool Medallion Carpet

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While the early existence of human beings may have been as hunter/gatherers, as culture developed, "hunting" became a leisure activity of royalty and the nobility. Rugs of hunting scenes were commissioned for decorative wall hangings for their palaces. This also explains why these rugs are often made of silk, the finest and most expensive materials. In Persian/Iranian culture, the significance of hunting can be found in such classic motifs as the archer and the hunter, whose admired abilities are portrayed in exquisite detail

We are always happy to collaborate with you on a custom carpet that meets all your specifications...and your wildest dreams! Of course, it will be woven on our very own looms with the best materials under the supervision of our experts.

Design: Hunting Design Wool Medallion Carpet
Style: Antique European Medallion Hunting Design Wool Carpet
Origin: European
Material: 100% Wool
Colors: Ivory, Blue, Green, Red, Burgundy, Pink, Lavender, Purple, Yellow,
Size: 9'9" X 14'
Rug Number: