Mandelin Art Deco Chinese Rug

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Art Deco, or Arts Décoratifs, is a visual arts movement that emerged from France just prior to the start of World War I and ended just before the outbreak of World War II. Art Deco is recognized for its bold colors and geometric patterns, high quality craftsmanship and luxury materials, and the exotic influence of the Middle and Far East. Textiles, upholstery and carpets played an important role in this movement, with inspirations for its designs being drawn from ballet stage sets and costume design.

We are always happy to collaborate with you on a custom carpet that meets all your specifications...and your wildest dreams! Of course, it will be woven on our very own looms with the best materials under the supervision of our experts.

Design: Mandelin Art Deco Chinese Rug
Style: Art Deco Period Chinese Wool Carpet
Origin: China
Material: 100% Wool
Colors: Lavender, Mauve, Blue, Yellow, Chartreuse
Size: 5' X 7'8"
Rug Number: 70003268

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In recent times, the production of Contemporary Modern Carpets have experienced a Renaissance of sorts. The quality of their weave, wool, and design have not been as good since the early decades of the twentieth century. One of the unforeseen benefits of this new trend has been the revival of a particular genre of modern rug production that may be distinguished from the rest – the Modern or Contemporary design rug.

The roots of modern and contemporary rug design vary considerably. Drawing inspiration came from leading abstract painters of that period like Picasso, Klee, and Piet Mondrian, whose work could readily be translated into the medium of woven carpets. Early Scandinavian trends also contributed to this trend. Much of their influence can be traced back to the Art Deco Carpets of Europe, America and China.

Combined with cutting edge innovations from contemporary architectural and interior design and painting, rug buyers have developed a taste for the clean, abstract, simplicity of Modern Interior Decor. With Contemporary Modern carpets, you will find a plethora of unique patterns mixed with simplicity, that will blend well within traditional elements to any room. You can rest easy with knowing you are able to purchase quality rugs and carpets in this style, without having to compete for the limited supply of Modernist Vintage pieces, which are rapidly becoming costly antiquities.

As interior design trends shift from the plush rooms of the 1990’s and 2000’s, to the more modern, angular lines of today’s decor, carpeting has gone by the wayside in favor of hardwood or tile flooring. And while these spaces may be easier to clean, they can also leave the room feeling “cold” and sparse. Area rugs are the solution to this ever growing problem. Contemporary Modern area rugs add excitement, and can tie an entire room together. The challenge is deciding how to best accent your room with a rug that fits your personal sense of style.

Here at Richard Afkari Rugs, our eclectic, comprehensive selection provides a wide variety of Contemporary Modern carpets in many styles, colors, and sizes. There is no limit to the variety of aesthetic values that one can find among these new rug styles, and with our very knowledgeable staff, we are determined to help you find the perfect rug to fit your space, and create a lasting impression for years to come. Browse our extensive collection to find the right area rug to spruce up your home today!