Moroccan Gallery Carpet

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Moroccan rugs are made by different Berber tribes. Each tribe has its distinct technique and design due to location, resources, plants available for dyes, and climate. Colors range from creamy to bold, with simple or complex geometric designs. Moroccan Modern rugs are made today but reflect designs and techniques of earlier styles, typically the flat weave looks of the 1960s and 1970s.

We are always happy to collaborate with you on a custom carpet that meets all your specifications...and your wildest dreams! Of course, it will be woven on our very own looms with the best materials under the supervision of our experts.

Design: Moroccan Gallery Carpet
Style: Antique Moroccan
Origin: Morocco
Material: 100% Wool
Colors: Red, Blue, Orange
Size: 6' X 15'
Rug Number:

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Antique Moroccan carpets are most famous for their dynamic color designs and bold geometric patterns. Today, the Moroccan rug is one the industry’s hottest design trends, and are most notable for their dynamic colorful modernist designs as well as for their strong sense of symmetrical structure, and abstract designs. With their eye-popping color palettes, these versatile carpets make great statement pieces that will withstand the test of time regardless of changing trends in the design field. Each piece represents a piece of history, displays true folk art, and is an heirloom that may be passed down for generations to come.

Throughout their earliest existence, dating back to the mid-nineteenth century, Moroccan rugs, from North Africa, have withstood the test of time and have earned their social status with the ever-changing interior design world. Notoriously distinct for their geometric designs, the Moroccan rug features bold designs that differ from traditional Persian carpets, adding vibrance and sophistication to your modern home or office.